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From: Zoltan Arpadffy [mailto:zoli@polarhome.com] 
Sent: den 25 november 2004 19:49
To: 'adsl.se@uvtc.net'
Cc: 'abuse@songnetworks.se'; 'wss@songnetworks.se'; 'licensing@vbulletin.com'
Subject: RE: Abuseärende / Universal ADSL

Dear UVTC, Song Networks and VBulletin authority,

User codoc at server RedHat is deleted.
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User files are archived as user IP addresses etc. that are available on legal 
Mentioned URL with illegal copy of vbulletin is also removed.
( http://www.polarhome.com:793/~codoc/forum/index.php? )

polarhome.com is non commercial, educative effort for popularization of shell 
enabled operating systems and Internet services, offering shell accounts and 
other services on all available systems (Linux, OpenVMS, Solaris, xBSD, AIX, 

...by time polarhome.com became a demo site for Linux power and other UNIX like
systems popularization; symbol of online freedom, speech, feelings, activities 
and multiplatform open source development.

Polarhome has more than 100k users, mostly IT professionals from all around the
Polarhome also hosts development for Vim text editor, eggdrop IRC client, ctags
and some other open source projects.

It is understandable that online availability has vital importance for polarhome's 
existence; therefore we fight against abuse and will never support illegal activity 
or something that jeopardise polarhome community. 

My name is Zoltan Arpadffy, and I am the owner of ADLS account that hosts polarhome.com. 
polarhome is my hobby that gives a perfect playground for me and other IT 
professionals for testing, and multi OS environment for freeware development 
that grown huge during last five years.

I work as project manager and security expert in lottery branch, serving respectable 
customers like Swedish Svenska Spel, Norwegian Norsk Tipping, German lottery block 
companies, Hungarian SzRT, Australian Tatterssal and Golden Casket, Israeli Sports 
betting board etc.

I will protect until my last breath polarhome's professional approach, market
independence and non commercial existence with all my knowledge.  

If you allow, I would like to question the method and professional approach that 
VBulletin and Song Networks have shown in this case.

I accept that one polarhome customer did cross the border of low. He should be 
punished, no doubt. But what is the fastest and most effective way?
Is that the right solution to cut the line without any warning?

Polarhome does have abuse@polarhome.com also support@polarhome.com e-mail addresses. 
I read them on regular basis and take them seriously. There were about ten cases 
in the past five years, when polarhome closely cooperated with legal authorities 
as banks, software and multimedia organizations.    

VBulletin could send a mail to abuse@polarhome.com and in few hours user would be 
removed, abuse announced and explained to polarhome community that it is not allowed.

Even in case that VBulletin's choice was to contact the ISP directly, was the line 
cut the best solution? It was effective at least. It took me more than a day to 
figure out that ISP cut off the line and it is not hardware or polarhome's 
connection failure because of snowstorm.
Should, I mention that during this day 100 thousand users was without development 
environment, mail, home page... also many uses that could not download Vim for 
OpenVMS, use the official Hungarian online bible etc.

A mail, or a phone call would be nice. It would shortcut the circuit and solves 
the situation on easy and fast way.

I agree that this method requires more intelligent approach from abuse group, but 
this is their job. An ADSL subscriber should not be an IP address or a customer 
number, there might be more behind an IP address. There might be some hidden value 
behind an ADSL line especially when in abuse report a domain name referenced. 
If VBulletin or Song Network's abuse officer would check the site and read just 
the few first lines at the first page, it would be clear what is it about and how 
to solve the problem.    

Otherwise, I am a very satisfied customer of UVTC/Song network. Service quality 
is on very high level. In past five years polarhome had been also hosted by ComHem 
cable, Telia ADSL and Bostream. So far, UVTC/Song network's service is the only that 
really measures up to my requirements. Stable line, fix IP, services are allowed. 

I apologise for caused inconvenience, and I can ensure you that I will give my best 
to avoid such incidents in future, but also ask for understanding that despite all 
knowledge and effort such an open site as polarhome can be abused - as any other 
public service - including Song Networks services. 

Therefore, I would like to ask for cooperation and positive approach from Song 
Network's side against internet abusers instead of closed line policy without any 
notice (even if it is allowed according the licence agreement)

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards, 

Zoltan Arpadffy
System administrator, owner

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From: Universal Telecom [mailto:adsl.se@uvtc.net] 
Sent: den 25 november 2004 16:44
To: zoli@polarhome.com
Subject: Abuseärende / Universal ADSL


Bifogar den information (se nedan) som låg till grund för den nedkopplade
ADSL anslutningen. Vår nätlev. Song Networks har nu kopplat på anslutningen
och ber dig kontakta personen nedan i fråga (Howard G Spinks) som gjort
anmälan för att komma fram till en lösning. Vår nätleverantör vill inte se
fler klagomål från samma person igen.  

Med vänliga hälsningar

Internet kundtjänst, Universal Telecom
Öppetider: Mån-Tors 09-18, Fre 09-17
Tel: 0200-889500
Fax: 0200-889599

Universal Telecom - Timepiece Lda
Box 90103
120 21 Stockholm

SONG Networks AB

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From: "Howard G Spinks" 
To: ; 
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 12:44 PM
Subject: Universal Notification of Copyright Infringement (URL/IP) @

> From: Pirate Reports, P O Box 36, EAST MOLESEY, Surrey, KT8 9XT
> Tel: 44 (0) 208 941 1843   Fax: 44 (0) 208 941 3689 
> Greetings Abuse Team
> This site utilises unlicensed source code owned by my client and I request
> total removal including the GUI and files.
> NB: If at your own prerogative you offer your client an opportunity to
> remove the site themselves or purchase a license as opposed to your
> or suspension of service, please be aware that Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.
> whilst happy to respect your goodwill gesture, in no way requests or
> requires such action from you and reserves the right to decline the
> purchase and refund the fee.  Copyright protection not revenue collection
> our primary concern and motivation and some forum content if it damages
> others or breaks our AUP is not allowed.
> URL and/or IP address of identified source:
> http://www.polarhome.com:793/~codoc/forum/index.php?
> DMCA Compliant ISP:
> In accordance with the provisions the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of
> 1998
> Please expeditiously "take down" or "block access" to the infringing
> material and take appropriate action against the customer to prevent
> abuse.
> Non DMCA Compliant ISP:   
> In accordance with your Acceptable Use Police please expeditiously remove
> block access to the infringing materials and take appropriate action
> the customer to prevent future abuse.
> Confirmation of your actions is appreciated so we may appraise out client.
> Declaration
> I, the undersigned, CERTIFY UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that I am an agent
> authorized to act on behalf of the owner of certain intellectual property
> rights, said owners being named:
> Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd., Tagra, Birch Lane, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8RF,
> I have a good faith belief that the items or materials listed below are
> authorized by the above intellectual property owners, their agents, or the
> law and therefore infringe their rights. 
> I further aver that the information contained in the Notice below is
> accurate.
> Software:
> vBulletin v3.0.0
> I may be contacted at:
> Howard G Spinks
> Snr. Investigator
> Pirate Reports
> PO Box 36
> Surrey
> KT8 9XT
> Tel:  44 (0) 20 8941 1843
> Fax: 44 (0) 20 8941 3689
> Email: HowardS@piratereports.com
> MSN: piratereports
> Skype: piratereports
> Truthfully,
> Howard G Spinks